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The worldwide leader in mobile and marine satellite

Signal Connect has provided the best customer service on land, sea, and on the road for over 20 years. 

Signal Group started in 2002 with a simple mission: help those DIRECTV customers who couldn't get help anywhere else. In the last two decades we've evolved to become the largest DIRECTV activation partner in the world and DIRECTV's 2021 Commercial Dealer of the Year. 

What's the Signal Connect difference? We provide the best possible customer service AND the tech support you need, all in one. We'll go the extra mile to make your entertainment experience sizzle!

The leader in mobile and marine satellite activations...
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Other people say "it can't be done." We say, "we've done it before."

Signal Connect is DIRECTV's 2021 Commercial Dealer of the Year, and there's a good reason! We have a proven track record of creating solutions for every customer, every day. Let us take our decades of experience and use it to help your business succeed.

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No one does DIRECTV like we do. We're the expert you need for your business, home, RV, or boat. Get the programming you want and the customer service you deserve. 

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