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Your local DIRECTV for BUSINESS℠ dealer. Our goal is to provide you with 5-star service and scalable entertainment solutions to help your business grow.

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About Us
Sports Direct

A 4-time DIRECTV lead commercial provider and member of the Arizona Business Bureau. Sports Direct will provide you with the ultimate viewing experience. We provide 24/7 customer service to answer any questions you have and offer upfront replacement equipment. Our warranties are longer than our competition because we truly care about you.

What Makes Us Different?
In most cases we wave the expensive installation fees that other companies don’t. This could lead to $1000’s in savings for you and your business!

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We are Sports Direct

In Business Since 1994

We are dedicated to bringing Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding areas with top entertainment experience while providing reliable customer service. Contact us or get a quote and see what we can do for you!

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We are committed to working together to achieve our common goals, not only internally but with you during our partnership.
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We are determined to better our surroundings because we believe our biggest asset is our local businesses.
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Grow your business with DIRECTV entertainment for the latest and greatest HD entertainment.
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Looking for support? We’re here to help. At Sports Direct we work hard to provide your team with the answers you need, when you need them.
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When going through the sales process we research the best possible packages for our clients, ensuring you get the best entertainment for the best price.
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Customer Service

5-star customer service is what we strive for. Our team is dedicated to giving you the type of service you provide your own customers.


Call 480.941.3703 or send us a message to get started.